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Long, long ago... (well, it seemed like FOREVER!)... in a far away place called Anaheim, Roger Banowetz, the "building inspector / carpenter / theatre doorman / Home Depot guy / computer programmer / Navy warrant officer, and all-around nice guy," had a dream of owning a diner and joining that elite group of entrepreneurs, that hard-working bunch who put in incredibly long hours just to achieve "low prestige and little respect" (just kidding), that group we now affectionately refer to as the Restaurant Owners.

Old Fashioned Soda Fountain and 50s Roadside Diner

So... along with his wife, Teresa
(who to this day still wonders how she went from a comfortable, air-conditioned desk job to a place where she washes more dishes, wipes down more tables, and makes more milkshakes than she ever thought

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din-er (di'ner) n. 1 : one that dines  2 : a railroad car equipped to serve meals to passengers  3 : a restaurant usually resembling a dining car in shape
din-er-out (di-ne-'raùt) n, pl diners-out : one who dines away from home especially in the course of an active social life

  Definitions from Webster's New Collegiate
  Dictionary, principal copyright 1973

Roger ready to make you a malt or hot fudge sundae

was possible), the Banowetzes headed out of the "hills" of east Anaheim and down into the low country.
The trip was slow and tedious, as they were weighted down with their giant "Movie House Diner" sign. They searched and searched for just the right place where they could build their "roadside diner."  They finally settled down in the friendly town of Orange, California, next to a big theatre complex at Main and Katella, across the Santa Ana riverbed from the Arrowhead Pond.

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NOTE: Due to the announced remodeling of the Orange, California complex where
the Movie House Diner was located we were forced to close our doors late in 2002

(We are currently seeking a new location in sunny southern California for the diner)

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