Movie House Diner open 7 days a week, come on in before or after seeing a movie and enjoy lunch or dinner with us

Movie House Diner is a great place for couples on a date; for friends who want a place where they can meet regularly to "catch up on things"; for parents who want a reasonably priced place with great food where they can take their family before or after the show; and for the single diner who can come in and be treated like "one of the family." It is also the perfect place for birthday parties for the young and old alike and for custom-designed Christmas and New Year's company parties.

Hosts and owners Roger and Teresa Banowetz

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Together with their talented and hard-working staff, Roger and Teresa enjoy serving freshly prepared and extremely tasty diner-type food in a quaint environment of over-sized booths, an old-fashioned soda fountain with a full-length granite counter, chrome & turquoise vinyl topped swivel stools and two large-screen televisions where popular movies and television shows are shown regularly (with sound that has been enhanced with genuine drive-in speakers at each table).

Saturday night at the Movie House Diner

The Banowetzes opened their doors on April 25, 2001, and their on-going goal is to provide the kind of dining experience that all started with a dream Roger had one day... long, long ago.
Your hosts,

       Roger and Teresa

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Movie House Diner gets two thumbs up for GOOD FOOD!
NOTE: Due to the announced remodeling of the Orange, California complex where
the Movie House Diner was located we were forced to close our doors late in 2002

(We are currently seeking a new location in sunny southern California for the diner)

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